Doctor Fish’s debut release, the Last Troubadour on Renassaince Records, reveals him to be a proud musical throwback—a guitar-wielding, storytelling, folk-rock singer-songwriter. No fake, retro act, he is one of the last surviving purveyors of a style of music made famous by Jim Croce, Harry Chapin, and Cat Stevens.

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Renaissance Releases Fish: Last Troubadour album by Old-School Singer-Songwriter Doctor Fish

"He's the last troubadour, late in coming down the pike." The opening line of Doctor Fish's song "The Last Troubadour" from his Renaissance Records debut album heralds the arrival of a new artist with deep roots.

The Last Troubadour is available for preorder now from the Renaissance Records website. Songs from the album will be available for streaming on all major services from December x.

The good doctor indeed stands as something of a last troubadour. He's a guitar-wielding, storytelling, folk-rock artist cut from the same cloth as Jim Croce, Harry Chapin, Cat Stevens, James Taylor, Paul Simon, and Gordon Lightfoot.

No fake retro act, Doctor Fish is one of the last authentic voices from the golden age of singer-songwriters. His music helps breathe new life into a style still loved by countless music lovers.

The album reveals Fish as a seasoned artist who continues to live life in full. In the soul-searching "Tuesday Morning," he confesses, "You know that I'm still standing, just not where I thought I'd be. In the Latin-tinged "Sexual Creature," he winks, "You probably want an ending, to know how it went. But my mama taught me not to kiss and comment."

The term folk rock never did full justice to the singer-songwriters of yesterday, and it doesn't to Doctor Fish's music either. A folky steel-string acoustic guitar underpins his music, but the doctor's arrangements also display a subtle jazz influence in their harmonic twists and melodic syncopations.

Then there's his voice. Once in a great while, an artist emerges who doesn't sound much like anyone else. That's Doctor Fish. As he puts it with a laugh, "Some singers are self-taught. I'm just self." His rich baritone brings forth the nuances of meaning in each song. By turns, it is tender, powerful, reflective, sly, and even playful.

The album's producer, the multi-platinum David Kershenbaum, knows a thing or two about working with distinctive voices. He has worked closely on albums with Cat Stevens, Karen Carpenter, Sting with the Police, and Tracy Chapman.  

Kershenbaum brought to the Troubadour project bassist Lee Sklar (James Taylor, Jackson Browne, Carole King, and Linda Ronstadt) and drummer Denny Fongheiser (Heart, Counting Crows, Bruce Springsteen, and Shawn Colvin). Kershenbaum says, "INSERT QUOTE."

The magic of modern technology helped complete the ensemble heard on the album with top session players from around the world. It includes Nashville and Brazilian musicians, a New York string quartet, an Atlanta horn section, and an Israeli cellist.

Renaissance Records is releasing Doctor Fish's "Harry Chapin" as the leadoff single from the Last Troubadour album. Jason Chapin calls Fish's story song a "great tribute" to his father. Others have called it poignant and moving.

"Harry Chapin" helps celebrate both the fiftieth anniversary of the release of Chapin's break-out hit "Taxi" in 1972 and what would have been his 80th birthday.

Renaissance means rebirth. That makes it the perfect record label for Doctor Fish, with the Last Troubadour marking a new beginning for him as a performer. Live touring will follow the album in 2023. As the doctor sings, "Stick around and you'll see that I'm not done yet."

The download and CD versions of the Last Troubadour are available for preorder on the Renaissance Records website

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    Are you really a doctor and is your name really Fish?

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    Is it true that you are one of the oldest artists to release a debut album?

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    How is that top musicians from around the world came to play on your new album?

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    What does it mean that you are the Last Troubadour?

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    You have a tribute song on your album for Harry Chapin. For those who don't know, who was he?

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    I understand your first professional gig was in high school with Cher. And you got to see her naked?

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    What was special about what you call the golden-age of singer songwriters?


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