Doctor Fish to Record Track live for Debut Album

July 12, 2021

Singer-songwriter Doctor Fish will hold a live audio/video recording event for his debut Renaissance Records album, The Last Troubadour. It will take place in the FBC Theater of Catawba College in Salisbury, North Carolina, on Thursday evening, July 29th. Free and open to the public, attendees will serve as a live studio audience for the session and receive complimentary copies of the album upon its release. 

As Fish sings in the title track from his upcoming release, "He's the last troubadour, late in coming down the pike." You can hear a clear connection with Harry Chapin, Jim Croce, Cat Stevens, Gordon Lightfoot, and other voices from the golden age of singer-songwriters in his music. "I've outlived the point where my songs were old-fashioned. Now, they're retro," Fish laughs. 

Leading indie label Renaissance Records signed Fish this spring. The pairing seems natural given Renaissance's emphasis on music by veteran acts like the Electric Light Orchestra, Boston, Joe Cocker, and Firefall. Renaissance will release The Last Troubadour as both a CD and 180-gram vinyl LP. It will also make songs from the album available through Spotify, Apple Music, and other streaming services. 

Fish speaks excitedly of the involvement of legendary producer and engineer David Kershenbaum in the Troubadour project. "David has worked closely with such artists as Tracy Chapman, Tori Amos, the Police, Bryan Adams, Joe Jackson, and Cat Stevens, as well as a long list of other renowned artists. I'm over the moon that he reached out to work with me and has already become a wonderful mentor." With the aid of cutting-edge technology, Kershenbaum will monitor the recording session on the 29th remotely from his studio in Los Angeles. 

Faculty, students, and staff at Catawba College know Doctor Fish as associate professor Dr. David Lee Fish. He is the founder and director of the school's highly rated popular music degree program. In that role, he has helped educate years of students who have enjoyed careers in the industry. Some have even enjoyed chart success with their music. "It's now my turn to try and grab the brass ring. The difference between my students and me is that I may hold the Guinness world record as the most senior new artist," Fish says with a smile. 

The event on the 29th serves as a hands-on educational experience for members of the Catawba community. Several students are helping organize it and will serve as technical staff under the supervision of other Catawba faculty. 

Fish and his ensemble, which also includes other Catawba faculty, will record both audio and video on the 29th in what should prove to be a fun, entertaining experience for everyone. North Carolina and Catawba COVID protocols for public gatherings will be observed. 

While the event is free and open to the public, attendees must secure tickets in advance. They can do so and learn more about Doctor Fish and his music by visiting the artist's website, (no .com or .edu extension required). 

MUSIC INDUSTRY Legendary to Produce Last Troubadour

June 17, 2021

For the Halibut Productions has just announced that legendary music figure David Kershenbaum will engineer Doctor Fish's debut release on Renaissance Records.

Over his long career, Kershenbaum has worked closely with the likes of Tracy Chapman, Tori Amos, the Police, Bryan Adams, Joe Jackson, and Cat Stevens as an A&R representative, producer, and engineer.

"I was astounded when David reached out to me," Fish said. "It's a rare opportunity to get to work with someone of his renown."

Fish and Kershenbaum have already been carrying out preproduction work on the album. "He is really helping us up our game," adds Fish.

Doctor Fish Signs with Renaissance Records

June 4, 2021

Singer-songwriter Doctor Fish has just signed with top indie label Renaissance Records for the release of his debut album, The Last Troubadour. 

"I've always fancied myself as being a bit of a Renaissance man," Fish quips. "This makes it official. In fact, rollover Michelango. I'm now a Renaissance artist." 

Renaissance Records stands as one of the country's leading independent record labels, making a name for itself with veteran acts like Electric Light Orchestra, Boston, Joe Cocker, and Firefall. Given this fact, it is the ideal company for Fish and his retro stylings.

The Last Troubadour will consist of six songs from demo sessions that Fish recorded in the mid-1990s as well as six more recent numbers to be recorded in front of a live audience. Renaissance will release The album as both a CD and 180-gram vinyl lp. It will also make it available on major streaming services.  

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